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It is Halloween Night,  a night when the unseen becomes visible, and magic charges the air.

Unfortunately, this also includes your house, which normally is enchanted to keep people away from investigating it. Of course, any competent witch would have spells and wards set up that morning.

It's just too bad that you got back in late from a conference and overslept. Now, armed only with a very weak time crystal and a load of free spells you picked up at the conference, you need to jury-rig your defences. Of course, casting spells willynilly on such a magical night, with your mind in a rather perverted place, might have interesting consequences...

The Magic of Home is a text-based game made in the twine system. The main game play is based around a Mastermind style puzzle to try and get people to interact with the spells you place on various objects in the house. Win, and you get to see the results of these objects transforming people who have come poking around your house on Halloween.

This is an adult game; the transformations are of a sexual nature, and focus around male to female transformations and lesbian encounters, given the main character is female. This started as a project for the author to see if they could write smut and more sexual content, but personal gender identity issues make me unwilling to write such content involving men at this time (although this may change with practise).

I had hoped to have it finished for Halloween, but it is currently half finished, although mechanically playable. As such, consider this a demo, and I hope you enjoy it enough to consider donating some money for the completed version.

Current Content:

Introduction - 3/8 passages finished

Mechanics -  Finished

Good End Transformations: 13/25 finished. The Lab and the Library are fully written apart from two potential bad ends. The Kitchen is partially completed, the Courtyard and the Bedroom need completing.

Bad Ends: One is written, more are planned.

Appearance: The default sugarcube appearance is functional but I'd like to update it.

Potential expansions: Depending on feedback I have considered either creating a small side game based on the Purple spell transformation in the Lab, adding images of the transformations to the game, or creating a New Game + where you get to see multiple transformations in the same room, and the interactions between them.

Current size: ~20,000 words.

UPDATE (31/10/17): I've been informed that I've made a simple mistake which prevented the tfs from appearing. This has been corrected.

STANDARD VERSION( Version 1 ) (24/09/2018)

Introduction completed, all mechanics in place, all good ends and bad ends completed. This version of the game is effectively complete, although there might be some minor proofreading edits.

This version is free, although if you choose to pay slightly more I would be very grateful.

Total word count: ~52,000 words

THE CHEAT VERSION (Version 1.C) (24/09/2018)

This version has an option to automatically view the answers to the puzzle, letting you bypass that part of the game and just get straight to sexiness at the end.

This version costs a minimum of $2 US.


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I can't download the game

That's odd. Did it not work when you clicked "no thanks" on the page where it asks if you want to pay anything?

Same here i click the download button and it just says download failed

what type of kinks are in this game? 

and the payment won't let work with this game.


i need some hints for the game.

Also can you make it so that it tells you which spell went off